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CommonsShare is an online collaboration environment for sharing data, workflows, and code.

How it works


Create data

Collect your data using the same methods you use now. CommonsShare supports a broad set of data types.
Create data

Upload to CommonsShare

Upload your data files to CommonsShare through the web user interface. CommonsShare will automatically extract as much metadata as it can from the files you upload.
Upload to CommonsShare

Describe with metadata

Use CommonsShare's simple metadata entry forms to finish describing your data so that your colleagues can find, access, and interpret it.
Describe with metadata

Share with colleagues

You choose who has access to the data and workflows you have uploaded to CommonsShare. You can share with individual users or publish your resources for everyone to access.
Share with colleagues

What you can do with CommonsShare

Share your data and workflows with colleagues
Manage who has access to the content that you share
Share, access, visualize and reuse a broad set of data types and workflows
Use the web services API to program automated and client access
Publish data and workflows using FAIR-TLC principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable, Traceable, Licensed, Connected)
Discover and access data and workflows published by others
Use apps from the app store to visualize, analyze and run workflows on data in a cloud-agnostic environment
Browsing CommonsShare
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